Gone Skiing…

I spent the last part of the fall working and surveying the southern corner of New Mexico.  After roaming around the hot desert with a GPS pack, I came back home to find white mountains, reviving my thirst for the snow.  It’s time to go skiing.  Destination: Europe.


For the next ten days, I will be training in the glaciers around Innsbruck, Austria, gearing up for the first races of this winter.  At the beginning of November I plan to spend some quality time indoors as the racing season gets under way for me with two indoor Europa Cups in France and the Netherlands.  I’ve never been to an indoor ski area so this trip should be pretty neat.  The slopes are pretty flat and short when compared mountain runs, but the snow conditions should be ideal (hard and fast) for racing.  It is bound to be an interesting experience.


An Exciting Opportunity At Hand

On top of fact that I’m headed to go skiing, another piece of good news came my way at the beginning of last week.  I have gotten an invitation to join the U.S. Ski Team to race, train, and travel with them for the months of November and December!  This is a huge opportunity for me as it will allow me to directly ski and train with the fastest skiers in the U.S.  I will be able to see the lines that faster skiers take and compare techniques during training to build my own speed and ability.  This chance should also provide me with some of the good racing opportunities that I need to obtain the results I am looking for to officially gain a spot on the U.S. Team. 


I am so excited for the upcoming couple of months and the opportunity it is giving me.  It is within my grasp and now I just need to capitalize on it.  Even if things don’t go exactly as I hope, it will be an unbelievable learning experience for me and take me another step in the right direction towards the goals I have for this year.  It should be an exciting start to the season!


Welcome to davidchodounsky.com!  I put this site together as a way to share my progress and experiences throughout this winter season as I begin my post-collegiate ski racing career and my mission to become one of the elite ski racers of the world.  This is my first attempt at a website and am in the midst of building and adding on to it so bear with me and keep checking in for more information and updates.  Thanks for visiting and feel free to add your thoughts or comments.